Let’s BEGIN together.

All our focus is on where we finish. We forget we need to begin first.

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A kick is all I NEED.

IT’S common knowledge that humans like animals are motivated when rewarded and this information must not be taken lightly. Dopamine is the hormone released by the body to the brain to induce the feeling of satisfaction or pleasure after taking an action or receiving a response. Do pay attention to the fact that I saidContinue reading “A kick is all I NEED.”

Enthusiasm: do not miss a dose

why wake up: it’s not enough to survive It’s not enough to survive, we need to thrive. Meghan Markle finally found that missing component outside the palace walls. I strongly support this ameliorating belief system, as opposed to the conventional, ‘we are here to survive’.Not all of us have that choice to fly across toContinue reading “Enthusiasm: do not miss a dose”

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